Safety and security

We provide several smart features to keep you and your belongings safe and secure. This starts with some quite obvious features such as a strong 3-point lock on the door.

But being safe and secure also means for example protecting everything inside from being damaged by frost through remote controlled frost protection. Or consider the in-house designed stairs that never touch the ground; an essential safety feature in case lightning strikes the vehicle.

Security can also be provided by an optional motion detector. The motion detector will warn you when motion is detected inside the unit indicating that someone is inside.

Another security feature is the optional 360° IR-camera system. The camera system will provide a 360° view of the direct surroundings of your vehicle. The cameras are equipped with infra-red light so there is no need to leave the unit after dark for an outside inspection. The footage is recorderd on a digital video recorder (DVR) and can be viewed on your tablet or smartphone via the unit’s WiFi network.

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