Stay functional at all times

The domotics system provides a lot of intelligence and comfort and is easy to use. But when for whatever reason you can’t or don’t want to use the domotics system there is the override panel which lets you manually switch all operations. This makes the Bliss Mobil easy to use for everyone, at all times and under all conditions.

Even when both the domotics and manual switches won’t work, for example during a very unlikely total power failure, you are able to control the vital functions manually. For example the fill and dump valves in the water system can be opened and closed by hand (magnetic valves with a magnet, mechanical valves by hand). Therefore you are always able to fill your freshwater tank and dump your grey and black water tank.

All parts are standarised and thoroughly tested before being incorporated in the standard. All vital parts are selected from world-wide brands and therefore are widely available. Also, we keep most parts and components in stock which can then be delivered to you at short notice.

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