Energy efficiency

Every Bliss Mobil is built with a strong frame and thick, 60mm walls with a PET core and Epoxy skin layers. The areas where the steel or aluminium frame could transfer cold or heat from the outside into the interior are called “cold bridges”. These so-called cold bridges are covered with a high quality insulation material, preventing temperature changes in these particular areas. Covering and insulating these cold bridges also prevents the build-up of moisture, as there is no connection between a hot and cold conductor.

The main ventilation system has its own solar charging facility, so it doesn’t rely on the batteries. Fans with automatic shutters eliminate draughts. Given the fact that the freezer is a constant power consumer, an efficient, well insulated freezer box is in place. All these precautions contribute to virtually eliminating the dependency on external power sources.

In order to minimize power consumption and prolong the lifespan of all lighting, all units are equipped with energy efficient LED lighting. 

Since there are three ways of heating up a Bliss Mobil unit, one can always opt for the most efficient manner in any particular scenario. 

To top it off, your Bliss Mobil unit is equipped with high-quality, double glazed windows as standard. All these measures make the Bliss Mobil highly suitable for extreme climates and reduce the day-to-day heating and cooling energy usage.

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