Smart vehicle

The domotics system in the Bliss Mobil is a WiFi-based system using the vehicle’s own WiFi network. Through a series of control units, each and every electrical device can be operated remotely using the complementary tablet or any type of smartphone. Readily apparent advantages of this system include the opening and closing of the grey and black water tank discharge valves remotely, switching lights on and off from anywhere in the vehicle (or from outside) or opening the garage doors while outside.

The dometics system is also used to programme logical switch operations. For example, logic is used for shutting down pumps and opening or closing valves when water tank levels are above predetermined threshold levels. Logic can also be used to automatically switch on an exhaust fan or the floorheating system when temperature measurements in a certain area meet a specified threshold. This way the system protects the water tanks and batteries from freezing temperatures in extreme conditions.

Read more about the domotics system and other smart features.

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