Fully equipped kitchen

The kitchen is fitted with a spacious Fenix countertop, giving you plenty of workspace. The counter is equipped with a stainless steel sink and tap, and accommodates a two or four plate induction cooker depending on the kitchen size in your Bliss Mobil. 

For storing provisions, the large refrigerator is suitable for daily use. Furthermore, the kitchen is equipped with a Nespresso coffee maker, a powerful electric oven/grill/microwave, an extraction hood and a sliding waste bin. Optionally, a kitchen set can be installed using custom made inlays that are a perfect match for the large sliding drawers in the kitchen. The inlays perfectly accommodate a wide variety of high quality cutlery and tableware. 

Cooking in a Bliss Mobil is always electric. A thirty-minute cooking session on two hotplates consumes approximately 1000 watts. With our mid-size 15 foot Bliss Mobil, you are packing 0.96Kw of solar capacity on the roof. Effectively this means that the power used for cooking will be regained with approximately one hour of sun. If you are on the move (or keep the engine idling) the charging time will be halved with the average truck dynamo.

By cooking electrically, the dependence on potentially dangerous gas bottles is eliminated.

No gas 

Whether you have a compact Bliss Mobil with a single battery pack or a larger Bliss Mobil with double the amount of solar energy and two battery banks, daily operations will be carefree due to the Bliss Mobil energy concept.

With more than 80 Bliss Mobil units exploring the globe, the Bliss Mobil energy concept has proven itself multiple times.


When it comes to storing provisions, a high-quality insulated freezer box is integrated into the couch. The freezer, sized 45 or 65 litres, depending on model, provides enough space to store provisions for four people for a long period of time. The freezer is capable of maintaining your frozen provisions with efficient power consumption regardless of the outside temperature.

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