23 foot unit - Family

The 23 foot Standard Family combines impeccable storage facilities with comfort and luxury.

With four dedicated beds, the 23 foot Family provides enough comfort and privacy for each traveler. The sleeping commodities can be doubled by replacing the overhead cabinets above the seating area for the optional High Bed and by using the spacious seating area as a second bed. With a total of eight comfortable beds, this is the ultimate family cruiser.

The seven meter long expedition body features impressive specifications and plenty of possibilities to further upgrade the interior to your own liking. The interior storage facilities can be used as such, but can also be upgraded to accommodate an additional fridge, deep freezer or other requirements a large expedition-family may have.

The 23 Standard features a spacious seating area with large windows. The grand kitchen is equipped with a coffee maker, large fridge, four induction hobs, a combi-oven and plenty of storage capacity. The kitchen can be further equipped with the kitchen set and a steam oven.

Next to the kitchen is a spacious drawer cabinet that separates the sanitary area from the living quarters. Opposing the lavatory and bathroom are the bunk beds situated that measure 2.000 or 1.800 x 700mm and very spacious cabinets next to it.

The lavatory is equipped with a ceramic toilet with a macerator, eliminating the need for chemicals. In the lavatory there is plenty of storage available for sanitary goods in the medicine cabinet and shelves. A central vacuum system and ventilator are installed in the lavatory by default. The latter can be changed out for an additional window.

The shower area provides plenty of space and is equipped with a water saving shower head. The shelves accommodate storage space for shower items like soap and shampoo. Optionally the bathroom can be equipped with a folding sink. An electric towel heater is installed by default. The door of the shower can be locked at a 90 degree angle, effectively splitting the available space in half and providing those in the living area with some privacy when the kids are put to bed.

A large, king size bed is located at the end of this Bliss Mobil unit. The bed has shelves at the port- and starboard side next to the windows and due to its square size it can be slept from North-to-South. The sleeping area features overhead cabinets for additional storage and in this case the bed is placed high in the unit to accommodate enough space for a quad bike garage. This layout is also available with a lower bed and less spacious garage.

This 23 foot Bliss Mobil is the trusted Family Friend and allows you and your whole family to travel the globe in comfort.

Product Code: Z2392

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