Water infrastructure

The water infrastructure is reliable and robust.  All tanks are equipped with anti-frost heating. The system has back-up facilities and parallel functionality for easy switchover in case of malfunction. 

Flexible water tubing is used for hot, cold and waste water plumbing lines. The flexible tubing has many advantages over rigid copper or plastic piping. Flexible tubing enables easy installation and service, has fewer parts and is much more pressure and vibration-resistant. This is important because of the vibrations from the truck. All water tubing is DVGW-certified.

The water circuit is equipped with dual UV-filtration units, one in the water filling circuit and one in the freshwater circuit. This way, water is filtered before and after storage in the fresh water tank. Next to UV-filtration, water is filtered by sediment and fine carbon cartridge filters to ensure the water is clean and safe to drink. 

A pressure regulator installed in the water fill circuit prevents overpressure when filling the freshwater tank. To assist easy monitoring of the system pressure, two manometers are installed in the connection box. One gives the pressure in the filling circuit, the other the pressure of the fresh water circuit.

Leakage sensors 

The system is equipped with strategically placed leakage sensors. These sensors are connected to the smart home system. In the unlikely case of a leak, the smart home system will automatically shut down the waterpump or relevant valves to prevent damage. By relaying the location of the leak to the tablet, easy and fast repairs can be facilitated.

Water tanks 

The fresh water tank is located in the front of the unit. Both the grey and black water tank are located at the back. This positioning is part of the total design strategy that results in an optimal weight balance.

All tanks are made of HDPE (High-density polyethylene). HDPE is known for its large strength-to-density ratio and is corrosion free. It can withstand higher temperatures (120 °C/ 248 °F for short periods, 110 °C /230 °F continuously).

The tank walls are 6 or 8 mm thick and are welded both on the inside and outside for maximum strength. All tanks are compartmented on the inside to give the tank extra strength and to prevent large displacements of water when driving. This is important to prevent big weight shifts while driving.

Filling the fresh water tank is made easy and safe, by using the smart home system. The reliable tank sensor provides feedback to the fresh water filling valve, that automatically closes when the tank is full to prevent overfilling. 

Emptying the contents of the black water and grey water tanks, can be done easily and hygienically. Both the black and grey water tanks are equipped with an electronic ball valve outlet that can be operated remotely using a switch in the connection box, override panel or remotely via the domotics system using your tablet or smartphone. To ensure draining the tanks is always possible, the waste water tanks are equipped with a secondary drain outlet operated by a manual ball valve. 

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