Iceland Expedition

with Bliss Mobil rentals

Leave the beaten path
to make travel dreams come true

Iceland is a destination at the top of many travellers’ bucket list. It is an amazing country where you can responsibly go on an adventure with a Bliss Mobil expedition truck this summer.

The best way to experience the real Iceland and enjoy the breathtaking scenery is to drive through it at your own pace. From active volcanoes and hot springs to wild waterfalls, and black sand beaches. This is all followed up by impressive glaciers, ice caves and of course the particularly long days…. Iceland is breathtaking and totally unlike any other country! In addition, our way of travelling is perfect for exploring the island this summer: adventurous and completely self-sufficient.


Icelandic adventure

In your “home away from home” (and with a small group of travelling companions) you will travel deep into the dramatic inland of Iceland. We will avoid the touristic routes, and even the tarmac altogether, as much as possible. During this adventure, you will leave the beaten track and overcome challenging off-road routes. We will visit locals’ favorite secluded spots – which can only be reached by 4×4 vehicles a few months a year – and travel through deep and challenging river crossings in rugged, varying weather conditions.

Of course it is not just hard work behind the wheel, we will also create the most fantastic memories outside of the expedition truck. Think of hiking through the ever changing landscape, diving or snorkeling among the tectonic plates, kayaking on the glacier lagoon and relaxing in the thermal baths.


Over 10 years of experience

Overland Travel has over 10 years of experience in planning, organizing and guiding the most adventurous trips imaginable. The professional guides have above-average technical knowledge and have had first aid training. As can be expected from a professional travel company, they also have all required tools at hand.


Home away from home

Experience the “Freedom of Independence” and join our adventurous Bliss Mobil Iceland self- driven expedition with an endless number of challenges, highlights and unforgettable moments.

For this particular Iceland expedition there will be a limited number of rental trucks available with a 13 Foot High Bed Bliss Mobil unit, presented on a well-equipped Mercedes-Benz Atego 1018 4×4; extremely suitable combination for remote and independent travel.

The unique character of our expeditions makes it unlike any other journey you have experienced! And… no off-road driving experience is required.

Unique travel concept

Bliss Mobil and Overland Travel have already organized successful expeditions in large parts of Africa and Scandinavia. Once again, we have combined our knowledge, experience and specialities to introduce a unique and adventurous expedition with a rental vehicle.

During the expeditions with a rental truck, you make your own journey but you also benefit from the pleasure and convenience of travelling in a small group with an experienced guide.

Practical information

Convoy and teamwork
During this trip, we will have to drive in convoy on some occasions. Mainly during departure and arrival, but also on difficult off-road terrain where you might need to help your fellow travellers. This is exactly why we do these expeditions in small groups; to help each other with challenging passages and any potential recovery. This makes it possible to get to beautiful locations where you would not be able to experience alone.

In many cases you can decide yourself whether you would like to travel independently or if you prefer to join the other adventurers. You navigate by using the road book and the navigation system that we will provide, in which all the waypoints are already programmed. At the end of the day you will meet each other to spend the night. Support and help is always nearby.

No experience is required for this expedition, only a C1 driving license which allows you to drive a vehicle up to 7.500 kg. The intensity of the trip will partly be determined by factors such as weather conditions and your personal physical condition. A healthy body and mind, as well as a well-prepared vehicle, ensure that you will be able to enjoy this trip to the fullest.

The travel pace guarantees that a sufficient number of sights can be visited.
The expedition has been planned in such a way that most of the daily travel distances can be covered in half a day.

Frequently asked questions

Ready for your expedition but still got some questions? Check our frequently asked questions!

Travel Agenda & Booking

Travel Agenda

18/08/2024 – 28/08/2024 – sold out!
11 days Iceland Rental Expedition – 1

01/09/2024 – 11/09/2024
11 days Iceland Rental Expedition – 2

4/07/2025– 14/07/2025
11 days Iceland Rental Expedition – 1

19/07/2025 – 29/07/2025 
11 days Iceland Rental Expedition – 2

3/08/2025 – 13/08/2025 
11 days Iceland Rental Expedition – 3


For the 2024 expeditions, each Bliss Mobil truck is priced at €16,500, based on two people per team. For the 2025 expeditions, the price per Bliss Mobil truck is €19,500, also based on two people per team. Additionally, all customers must pay a rental deposit of €15,000 per team.

50% of the total travel sum must be paid upon registration. The total travel sum, including any additions such as extra participants, extra nights or additional wishes, must be paid 2 months before departure.

Number of participants: minimum 6 – maximum 8 vehicles

Expeditions 2024: subscription before May 1st 2024

Expeditions 2025: subscription before May 1st 2025

  • Professional organization: you don’t have to worry about anything
  • Rental of the Bliss Mobil expedition truck and equipment
  • Third Party Insurance
  • Transport of the vehicle to the starting location
  • All overnight stays in the Bliss Mobil unit (at unique locations)
  • Breakfast and dinner at selected locations (if the situation allows)
  • 24/7 travel guidance, backup and support
  • Memorable excursions
  • An extensive adventurous road book
  • Permits and guidance
  • Numerous unforgettable adventures
  • Flight to/from destination
  • Fuel and toll
  • Damage, use of spare parts and tires
  • Meals (except breakfast and dinner at selected locations)
  • Other personal expenses
  • Third travel companion

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