Bliss Mobil

Experience Days

The proof of the pudding
is in the eating

With us, one aspect is more important than all the others : the experience. That is why Bliss Experience is all about exercises and experiencing the Bliss yourself from the start.

The basic principle is as follows: one learns by doing, on all aspects of the Bliss Mobil.

Try before you buy

The intention of the Experience days is to give you the maximum unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

We realise that buying an expedition vehicle is a big project for everyone and that it is a process of good choices and considerations. A visit to a trade fair or our company is mainly “touch and feel”, during these days we go a few steps further and you become the occupant of a Bliss unit.

We have several Bliss Mobil units “on display” and we will give you the opportunity during your stay to compare. You will stay overnight, according to availability, in the unit of your choice. With the standardisation and functionality of all Bliss Mobil units being the same, you will enjoy the features and comfort of a Bliss unit regardless of the unit of accommodation.


The comprehensive functionality of the Bliss unit

Bliss Mobil is all about ease of use, logic, and preventing emergencies. Our units are designed for maximum living comfort under the most extreme conditions. Our customers travel worldwide , from Alaska to South Africa and Australia, not only comfortably, but above all safely, reliably and independently.


Do it yourself!

During the Experience Days, we offer you the unique opportunity to stay one night in a Bliss Mobil, and not only that; above all, we ask you to experience the Bliss unit at your own pace and privacy. We’ll take care of the shopping and you’ll go from the evening to fill in your own happy hour, cook and enjoy your evening meal, after which you’ll spend a night in the Bliss.

Customer commitment

Also meet our Customer Service, from the start Bliss Mobil has been committed to customer satisfaction and support. An all -in-one customer app, multi-language and with extensive search functions offers our customers support and self-reliance wherever they travel in the world.

Off road experience

We meet at a beautiful rural location, where you will have the opportunity to drive bits of off-road. Our concept of the robust self-supporting container, mounted on the 4-point torsion-free subframe, makes it possible to drive off road. A Bliss Mobil is made to go off the beaten track and you are going to experience that you can feel safe and comfortable in the off-road terrain in the Bliss Mobil.

Factory tour

How it is made - Bliss Mobil Factory tour

After this complete Bliss experience, we would like to offer you a look behind the scenes.

In our production plant in Breda, approximately 50 Bliss Mobils are built each year. Every day, our employees manufacture the individual components with perfect craftsmanship, from which piece by piece Bliss Mobils are made with passion.

The factory tour not only gives you an insight into the standardised concept, but above all into the standardised working methods by which Bliss Mobil guarantees quality. Meet our motivated and qualified team. We are proud of our people, our people are proud of their work. The commitment of our team is a commitment of many years and part of our success.

Agenda & Registering


We ask a contribution for these two days of € 2000 per truck, assuming two participants.

Should you decide to purchase a Bliss Mobil within 24 months, we will gladly offer you this contribution as a discount on the purchase price.

Number of participants

12 participants, 6 trucks

In the registration form, please indicate which driving licence you have and which unit you are interested in. We will try to take this into account as much as possible when allocating the truck – Bliss Mobil unit.

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