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We design and engineer a whole range of accessoiries which match our Bliss units and enable you to benefit from the Bliss Mobil's versatility. Whether you need extra storage capacity or an extra retractable sink, want to take your motorcycle with you or to spot wildlife from the roof during a safari, we have the perfect solution!

If you are looking for a specific accessory for your Bliss Mobil which has not been listed below, please let us know. The innovation continues and we are always looking for new ideas and improvements!



Torsionfree sub frame Torsionfree sub frame

Torsion free sub-frame

Bliss Mobil has engineered its own sub-frames. The sub-frame provides a torsion-free connection between the unit and the truck chassis. Carefully engineered, robust and with a low profile, the importance of the sub-frame is often underestimated.

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Motorbike carrier on Unimog Motorbike carrier on Unimog

Motorbike/luggage carrier

The availability of a back-up vehicle (ATV/quad, motorbike or bicycle) is essential. Should you become stuck somewhere or in the unlikely event that your truck breaks down an addtional form of transport enables you to get yourself to safety or to get help.

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Storage box on 13' HB Storage box on 13' HB

New lightweight storage box custom fit

Bliss Mobil has enriched its accessories with a light weight storage box. The box is specifically designed to store and protect larger, lightweight items of max. 250 kg. Giving clients the possibility to store their gear safely and protected from the elements.

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Truck specific designed roofrack Truck specific designed roofrack

Roof Rack on driver's cabin

A roof rack can be used to carry bulky but lightweight items such as luggage, bicycles, canoes, kayaks, skis, or various boxes/containers. This offers a lot of extra storge space for goods which can withstand the outdoors.

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Awning Awning

Top of the line awning with extendable arms

Bliss Mobil has added a high-end batwing awning to its accessory line. The extendable arms make the awning easy to store and gives more cover at the same time.

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Outdoor Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen, barbeque and grill

When the weather is nice, it's great to do your grilling outside. But during summers and at national parks open flame and use of gas is prohibited.  Bliss Mobil comes with the solution: We have designed an electric outdoor kitchen. So you can truly enjoy the outdoors even while cooking.

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Roof terrace Roof terrace

Roof terrace

The roof terrace gives you a great view from the area where you are parked. When standing on the roof terrace your eye-level will be at a height of at least 5 meters!

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Hatch for entry to truck Hatch for entry to truck

Passage to truck cabin

A crawl through opening from the Bliss unit to the truck's cabin ensures a safe escape route directly from the unit to the cabin. Every Bliss Mobil unit can be provided with such a crawl through opening, the size of which depends on both the unit and the truck's cabin.

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Container wheels for twistlocks Container wheels for twistlocks

Container wheels for twistlocks

Container wheels with twistlock mounting for easy storing/moving the unit when separated from the truck. Each wheel can be adjusted in height (max. 2 cm) to level the unit.

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Storage box on twistlocks Storage box on twistlocks

Storage box on twistlocks

Due to the strong steel frame and twistlock corners, additional accessoires can be easily fitted.To accommodate extra gear and provide extra storage space an aluminium storage box may be fitted on the rear twistlocks. 

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Alcove box on 13 foot Alcove box on 13 foot


The alcove gives you a large amount of extra storage space. Fixed to the front twistlocks, the alcove box is postioned above the truck's cabin. The storage space is accessible from inside the Bliss Mobil unit.

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Rack with four storage boxes Rack with four storage boxes

Garage storage box system

The storage box system helps you to organise your garage space. We can fit multiple racks inside the garage depending on the garage size, box size and other wishes. All items stored in the garage are protected against frost, moisture and dust.

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Lavatory step with storage Lavatory step with storage

Lavatory step with storage

A small step for easy toilet access. The space underneath the step can be used as storage for shoes or other items. The step is finished with the same flooring as the rest of the unit.

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Towel heater Towel heater

Towel heater

Hot towel warmer/drying rack for your towels. So you can hang your towels to dry and have some comfortable extra warmth in your shower area.

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Retractable sink 20 foot model Retractable sink 20 foot model

Retractable sink

When you require an extra sink in addition to the one already available in the kitchen you may choose to have a retractable sink in the shower. This gives you the opportunity to wash your hands, brush your teeth or shave without having to use the kitchen sink.

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Washing Machine Washing Machine

Washing Machine

A 3.5 kg washing machine mounted on the wall inside a cabinet in the unit

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Watermaker Watermaker


The watermaker is a state of the art high pressure membrane water filtration system. With this watermaker you are able to convert water from natural resources, such as lakes and rivers, into safe drinking water.

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Water Cleaning System Water Cleaning System

Rainwater collector

Combined with the water maker, the rainwater collector is an unique feature for your sustainable Bliss Mobil unit. Rainwater will be collected and can be purified through the high pressure membrane water filtration system of the water maker giving you fresh, clean and safe water.

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Interior with steam oven Interior with steam oven

Steam oven

All-in-one steam oven DGC 6400 cs from Miele. The steam oven is a beautiful accessory for your more-than-complete kitchen.

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Interior with leather sofa Interior with leather sofa

Leather upholstery sofa

Buffalo leather upholstery for the sofa. The rough leather is sturdy and gives the sofa a luxurious appearance.

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Folding bed Folding bed

Folding bed above the couch

A folding single bed can be mounted against the front wall of the Bliss Mobil unit, just above the couch. This gives you a quick and easily accessible extra sleeping facility. Ideal for a child or young adult.

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One of the four camera's One of the four camera's

360° view IR-camera system

In order to monitor your surroundings, every Bliss Mobil unit can be equipped with four cameras. The infra-red camera system will provide a 360° view of the immediate surroundings of your vehicle.

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Sturdy luggage net Sturdy luggage net

Luggage net couch area

If you wish to store items under the couch table while driving we are able to fit a luggage net in the couch area which prevents items from moving about or sliding. 

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US electrical specs US electrical specs

US specs (charging 230 & 110 Volt)

Some of the Bliss Mobil appliances work on 230 Volt. For the local US market we developed a US version which also features 110 Volt. 

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Build in vacuum cleaner system Build in vacuum cleaner system

Vacuum cleaner

Keeping the interior of your Bliss Mobil unit clean & tidy becomes an easy job with the built-in 230V vacuum cleaner.

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GPS-GSM tracker

With the GPS/GSM tracker you are able to obtain the exact location of your vehicle by sending a simple text message. The GPS tracker will answer you with its exact location.

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GPS Tracker - Iridium satelite GPS Tracker - Iridium satelite

GPS Iridium tracker

With the GPS Iridium tracker you are able to obtain the exact location of your vehicle. This GPS tracker uses the Iridium satelite to send its data so it also works in remote places where there is no mobile coverage.

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Satellite TV & Data system on roofrack Satellite TV & Data system on roofrack

Satellite TV & Data system on roof rack

Via the Oyster Satellite system you are able to receive a television and data signal within Europe. The satellite antenna can be mounted on to the roof rack of the truck.

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Satellite TV system Satellite TV system

Satellite TV system on motorbike carrier

The Snype Satellite system enables you to watch satellite television while travelling in your Bliss Mobil. The satellite antenna can be mounted on to the roof rack of the truck or on the motorbike carrier.

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Satellite Data system Satellite Data system

Satellite Data system on roof rack

Via the Inmarsat Explorer Satellite system you are able to receive a data signal worldwide. The satellite antenna can be mounted on to the roof rack of the truck.

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Bright led side lights Bright led side lights

Additional exterior lighting

Additional LED lights can be mounted on the entrance side of your Bliss Mobil unit. These side lights each produce 1100 lumens at 1 meter distance.


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Spare parts set Spare parts set

Spare parts set

For every unit we can supply you with a specific spare parts set. Each set is carefully selected and contains spare parts and replacement filters that are most likely needed while travelling.

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Chemist cabinet Chemist cabinet

Chemist cabinet instead of main cabinet

You can choose a chemist cabinet in stead of a main cabinet.

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6 person cutlery set 6 person cutlery set

Complete kitchen set

Complete 4 person set for 11, 13 and 15 foot units.

Complete 6 person set for 18 and 20 foot units.


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Bed linen set Bed linen set

Bed linen set

A complete bed linen set.

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Arctic Package Arctic Package

Arctic Package

For travellers who have destinations to extreme cold area's (<-20 degrees) Bliss Mobil offers an "Arctic Package".


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