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The outdoor kitchen

When the weather is nice, it’s great to do your grilling/ cooking/washing outside. But during summers and at national parks open flame and the use of gas is often prohibited. Bliss Mobil presents you with the solution. We have designed an outdoor kitchen. So you can truly enjoy the outdoors even while cooking.

The outdoor kitchen is equipped with an electric grill, induction hot plate, sink with water tap and Corian kitchen tops. Water and electricity can be easily supplied via the connection box on the outside of the Bliss Mobil unit.

The outdoor kitchen is safely stored inside an aluminum storage box mounted on the truck chassis. On the opposite side of the chassis, an identical box can be mounted to store additional items.

Outdoor Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen Integrated grill Integrated grill Outdoor kitchen Outdoor kitchen Outdoor kitchen opened Outdoor kitchen opened Outdoor kitchen close-up Outdoor kitchen close-up Storage box outdoor kitchen Storage box outdoor kitchen


  • A water inlet connection supplied.
  • An electrical inlet connection via a secured connector.
  • A slide out tray, which holds a 2400 Watt electric grill.
  • An integrated sink with a foldable water tap.
  • Two flip-open Corian kitchen tops, of which one
    contains a 2000 Watt electrical hot plate.
  • A drawer designed to hold ice to keep beverages cool.
  • A drawer to store kitchen tools and the connection
    hoses and cables.
  • An integrated spice rack.
  • A dimmable led light.
  • An induction plate for cooking



Dimensions WxHxD: 900 x 590 x 475 mm (closed box)
  1450 x 1166 x 800 mm (fully opened)
Contents of the sink: Approx. 6 liters
Working height: Approx. 1200 mm (depending on chassis height of the truck)
Weight: Approx. 58 kg (without storage box)
Price: Upon request.
Code: ZA907 (compact)  / ZA909 (large)