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Batwing awning

Comfort and convenience are very important to us and to our customers. That is why we have developed a high-end batwing awning to keep them comfortable in the shade. The extendable arms make the awning easy to store and give more cover at the same time.

Our batwing awning consists of parts that are all connected and stored in one place, making it very easy to use. So, no need to worry about separate poles, lines, and other loose accessories. The canvas never touches the ground during set-up or storing.

The arms and storage boxes are made of aluminum to ensure a strong and secure set-up. The canvas is made of an outdoor grade, weatherproof, flame retardant, ripstop material which is available in several colors. As an option you can order an additional mosquito net made of mesh which blocks mosquitoes, but not your view!

Awning 18ft unit Awning 18ft unit Awning Awning Setting up the awning Setting up the awning Batwing awning Bliss Mobil Batwing awning Bliss Mobil Back view batwing awning Back view batwing awning Top view Top view Bigger coverage Bigger coverage Stored safely Stored safely Dimensions Dimensions Extendable arm – in (below) and out Extendable arm – in (below) and out

Awning Canvas:

100% polyester
240 gr/m2
Acrylate coating
All Season Touring WR-18 quality Water tightness of > 85 cm


Dimensions:   Arm length when slided in 2100mm
  Arm length when slided out 2850 mm
Price:  Upon request


Awning all round mosquito net  
Code: ZA947B