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Bed linen sets

This complete bed linen set is a perfect addition to your Bliss Mobil. Made of high quality 400 Thread Count Egyptian cotton. Duvet filling is camel hair and the mattress pad filling is lambswool. The set comes in several size varieties depending on your Bliss Mobil model.


Bed linen set 2 persons - 11, 13, 15 foot standard

Code: ZA304


Bed linen set 2 persons - 18 foot standard

Code: ZA303


Bed linen set 2 persons - 20 foot ST / 18, 20 foot long bed

Code: ZA302


Bed linen set 2 persons - 20 foot long bed version

Code: ZA301

Bed linen set Bed linen set Bed Linen Bed Linen

Linen sets are comprised of the following items:


Pad Marinho Lambswool
Season plush camel hair duvet
All season plus camel hair duvet
Duvet sheet cover
Cushion cover
Fitted sheet