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Torsion free sub-frame

Bliss Mobil has engineered its own sub-frames. The sub-frame provides a torsion-free connection between the unit and the truck chassis. Carefully engineered, robust and with a low profile, the importance of the sub-frame is often underestimated. Bliss Mobil opted for a 4 point, so-called "diamond shape" construction, with 3 axes; 2 longitudinal and 1 transverse. This set-up can withstand high torsion forces, hence guaranteeing strong unit protection.

Torsionfree sub frame Torsionfree sub frame Sub-frame connection Sub-frame connection Torsion test sub-frame Torsion test sub-frame
Dimensions: Depending on truck type & chasis
Features: 4 point diamond shape with 3 axes
  Absorbs high torsion forces
  Improves off-road driveability
Price: Price upon request