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US Electric/Charging specs

US Electric/Charging specs (charging and inverting 230 & 110 Volt). For the local US market, we developed a US version which also features 110 Volt. Therefore one can charge on both 110V and 230V as well as being able to use both 110V and 230V volt devices via several wall sockets in the unit.


We offer 2 options:

110 Volt charging

For charging the unit over 110 Volt.
No 110 Volts outlets in the unit but only charging. Applicable for when you are planning to do a US trip

US Specs

110 Volt outlets in the unit, 110 Volt charging in the connection box, 220 Volt charging also at the underside of the unit (plug location), 220 Volt in the unit for the 220 Volt appliances that are installed.

US electrical specs US electrical specs

Optionally, you could choose to have 220 and 110 Volt outlets in the unit for your use.

Code: ZA868

Australian Electric/Charging Specs (charging and inverting 230 Volt)

Code: ZA867