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Big Five Bliss Mobil Expedition 2018


Proud owners of a Bliss Mobil dream of a worldwide adventure, but with the comforts of home. Not everyone is a born globetrotter, but Bliss Mobil owners clearly have an adventurer inside of them. The question is: how do you take the step from dream to actual plan? That’s exactly what Overland Travel and Bliss Mobil help travelers with. Together we challenge travelers and adventurers to leave the beaten path and to make dreams come true.


After several extreme journeys these vehicles have shown that they can really travel anywhere in the world, with the comforts of home. Truck and traveler are able to overcome extreme conditions as a team.


In July and August of 2018, “Big Five”- Bliss Mobil trucks embarked on a journey to Namibia to drive through gorgeous Namibia towards Botswana and Zimbabwe. These three absolutely breathtaking countries in Africa are safe to travel and offer the opportunity to maximize the use of a Bliss Mobil. Travelers saw more than they imagined! From the most diverse landscapes and abundant nature to the most special natural phenomena. Spotting the Big Five African animals real-life, next to thousands of amazing wildlife animals and birds.


The unique character of this tour makes it unlike any other existing expeditions and tours: Bliss Mobil Expeditions only offer the best, most surprising and most beautiful. This means that the Big Five Expedition has been specifically designed for Bliss Mobils and the accompanying freedom of independence. This tour guarantees that travelers were able to enjoy the ultimate freedom of their Bliss Mobil again and again and that they’ll return home with a suitcase filled with priceless travel experiences. This is truly an off-road tour that cuts across the untouched beauty of Africa, and as we left the public roads behind us, meaning you’ll have to buckle up and work ‘hard’ behind the wheel every once in a while. We’ve waded through (dry) rivers, drove through savannahs, swamps and salt pans. We can proudly say we were the first trucks that were able to cross the Namib Desert !


For more pictures of this breath taking journey please have a look in our Gallery.


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Published: 09-10-2018