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The North Cape expedition past the Arctic Circle


The North Cape expedition is now officially halfway and has taken our Bliss customers from Oslo (Norway) into Sweden. They are now on their way to North Cape (Norway) and ending in Finland. After starting in Oslo (Norway) they then went to Flatruet (Sweden) and several other interesting locations like Svansele (Sweden), Pitea (Sweden) and ended their first week in Porjus (Sweden).

During their journey the Bliss customers where able to participate in many Scandinavian cultural experiences such as ice fishing, ice swimming, spotting local wildlife, joining on an ice breaker ship and riding on a dog sled.

Passing thru The Arctic Circle and seeing the Northern Lights where two bucket list items to be added to their long list of experiences for this journey.

Today they will be visiting the famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi (Sweden) close to Kiruna and ending their daytrip in Porjus (Sweden). From here on they will now drive towards Andenes which is a whale watching hotspot in Norway. Their journey will then go towards North Cape (Norway) after which they will move down towards Rovaniemi (Finland) while passing thru Lapland (Finland).

Staying comfortable in extreme winter conditions

The conditions in which they are currently residing have proved to be very challenging. The constant icy conditions and snow demand high driving concentration and exceptional truck handling. Driving in the snow and on icy roads, pulling stranded trucks out of the snow, all together a very useful learning experience. The temperatures at daytime stayed at a constant level of -10 degrees and dropped to -26 degrees at night.

For our Bliss customers these temperatures are no problem since they can enjoy a constant comfortable temperature in their Expedition Vehicles thanks to our energy concept. Which allows the unit to easily handle a 40 degrees temperature difference (inside/outside). The diesel-powered air heating system provides enough heating capacity to keep the interior temperature at a comfortable level. Besides, the lithium battery packs provide enough capacity to power the electrical floor heating and back-up electrical auxiliary heating. So, no cold feet at these Scandinavian nights!

In the media

The Bliss expedition also caught the attention of local media which resulted in 2 articles in Swedish newspapers. Should you be able to read Swedish then the articles can be found here and here.

Published: 11-03-2019