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Bliss travels the extremes, a special project


35.000 kilometers, 22 countries, seven months, one 4x4 truck and four extreme places will be travelled by photographer Andrea and Mike. Fighting blindness caused by poverty, the goal of their unique trip is to collect money for the Swiss Red Cross. Additionally the couple attempts to set a record by overcoming the four most extreme places in the world. In their Mercedes Axor 4x4 with 15 foot Bliss Mobil unit.


Extreme conditions

The expedition starts in June 2018. Traveling through very rough terrain and heavy conditions, the truck needs to be extremely robust and tough. No risk can be taken when heading to places with temperatures vary from +70°C to -70°C. Everything has to work perfect!


Convincing Bliss concept

After months of research and searching for the right outfitter for the truck, Andrea & Mike found Bliss Mobil. The concept of Bliss immediately convinced the two adventurers: "Compared to personalized units, Bliss has tested and adapted all components of their product to ensure its quality."

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Scrolling through the Bliss website the couple found everything explained in a very transparent and easy way. “Options can be added to the standardized units and prices are displayed. Having a complete overview of the products and its uses is super important. Marleen and Eduard, being adventurers themselves, know what’s important when you're traveling in remote places. With their knowledge and experience they have developed and built these units.”


Decisive arguments

The following arguments to choose for Bliss Mobil were decisive for Andrea & Mike:


  • The fact that everything is incorporated in the box. The batteries, fresh and grey water, as well as the faecal tank, a small diesel tank and much more. It makes the unit completely independent.


  • The isolation of the box complemented with the Arctic-package of which the seals of the doors and storage boxes, as well as pipes and several connections are additionally heated for temperatures under -60°C.


  • The torsion free sub-frame; super important in rough terrain.


  • The electrical system being based fully on solar power. The whole roof of the unit generously covered with solar panels causing the super light and compact lithium batteries constantly getting charged with enough power to guarantee the functionality of the box.


  • Being able to completely do without gas was also a very important factor for the young couple.


  • The steel frame supporting the edges and corners of the unit. This makes sure that the box cannot twist and works as a protection against for example tree branches.


  • And many thought-through details more which makes life on the road more pleasant.


After meeting with Marleen and Eduard, and being able to see the production process, Andrea & Mike were convinced that Bliss is the right partner to take on this challenge with:  "Bliss is being lead with lots of experience and lifeblood." Andrea & Mike feel honored to become a part of the Bliss family!


Follow the adventure

Keep updated about this adventure on www.4-xtremes.ch - Facebook: @4xtremes - Instagram: 4xtremes.