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Coldest location goal achieved with Bliss Mobil!


In December Andrea and Mike passed thru the Siberian cold in Russia in order to reach Oymyakon, coldest inhabited place on earth with their Bliss Mobil. Fortunately for them they arrived during a “warm “period, which meant the temperatures did not drop lower then -52C at night. With constant temperatures at daytime of around -45C this part of their journey was the most challenging for them and their vehicle.


Staying warm in these extreme cold conditions

Keeping warm in these extreme cold conditions proved to be crucial. Good heating systems/devices in the expedition unit and vehicle helped them to get by the coldest inhabited place on earth without big problems. The Bliss Mobil expedition unit provided them three options to stay warm.

A 3.9KW Webasto Air Heater. Since the unit is well insulated (isolated) it kept the warm air inside the unit at all time.
Electrical floor heating, a nice extra comfort factor in these cold conditions.
An electrical air heater that could be placed on different locations in the unit.

Using these three different heating systems together with the ultimate insulation of the unit allowed them to keep the unit at a constant 20C, even when it was -50C outside.

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating, or shall we say the ice cold frozen pudding in this case ;)

Meaning the quality of the Bliss concept did proof its reliability in withstanding these extreme temperatures thanks to its high-end insulation, strong structure and multiple heating systems in combination with inevitable reliable energy supply. Also take in mind the 70C difference of temperature, between the inside and outside!

We of Bliss Mobil are proud to have joined Andrea and Mike with our Expedition Unit on this 4-extremes journey and will keep you updated of their further adventures on our platforms. You can also read more about their journey on Roadstars or our previously published article here.


Next up, lowest location goal


It is now time to turn back and head for Switzerland, but before that they will fist head south to pay a visit to the Dead Sea in Israel. This in order to reach their lowest location goal and complete their journey!

Stay tuned for more updates on their journey! Or check out their Facebook page.

Published: 16-01-2019