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Comfortable living and travelling in the smallest space


It quickly became clear that due to the Unimog's double cabin, the 11ft Bliss Mobil unit was the perfect basis for the entrepreneur and his travel plans, mostly alone and in stages.


In professional life busy with the renovation of skyscrapers of the 60s and 70s - "the building sins of this time", as he himself says - as well as the production of modular apartments and dormitories, he immediately saw the benefits of the Bliss Mobil unit and he could hardly wait to call this unit his own.


Our happy customer will make his first test trip to the North Cape. This trip is one of many trips , which are still unsettled on his wish list. 


We are delighted to welcome another convinced Bliss customer and we are proud to say that someone who has professionally decided to create comfortable living in the smallest spaces, made his choice for Bliss Mobil and our self-contained 11ft high bed unit. 

Published: 09-10-2018