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Delivery 13ft with High Bed and Alcove on a Unimog


We are pleased about the delivery of a 13 foot High Bed on a Unimog U1300 L37 to a Swiss customer.


On a trip in Iceland in a rental camper, our customers had decided, if they ever buy their own mobile home, then it would be an expedition vehicle.


At the Caravan Salon 2016 in Bern, they got in contact with Bliss for the first time. They liked the concept of "everything in one box" as well as the high-quality workmanship.

A suitable base vehicle was not found so quickly; It took half a year to buy an exceptional Unimog U1300 L37 from the Swiss fire brigade. Their Bliss project started off in the summer of 2018 and the decision was made to have a 13 foot unit with a high bed type 1. Over the winter, the vehicle was restored by a Unimog specialist and rebuilt for long-distance use.

The customer liked our concept of having the toilet and shower separated, but especially the cozy seating area attracted them. The shower has been equipped with a folding sink and a towel heater. A washing machine and an integrated vacuum cleaner where installed to meet their personal requirements. To expand the inner storage space, an alcove has been attached to the unit. A motorcycle carrier enables them to carry their motorbike as well as the spare tyre.


So where will their first adventure take them? - Responding full of anticipation they have their bucket list ready  "South America, Australia, Alaska and Canada and certainly again another trip to Iceland. We also opted for the Unimog Bliss Mobil combination because it can be shipped in a sea container worldwide. "

Their feedback on the 2-day "in-house"training was that the training has been incredibly helpful and the explanation based on the included documentation where extremely valuable.


The Bliss Mobil team wishes them many "blissful" journeys.

Published: 14-08-2019