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Delivery 20ft Bliss Mobil on a MAN TGS 6x6


After travelling to many cities around the world our customers were looking for the travelling the remote. Experiencing the off-road adventure, while being one with nature was has become their ultimate goal. 


They first found out about Bliss by searching the internet and looking at our YouTube videos.  They then had their first introduction with a Bliss Mobil  at the 2017 ABENTEUER & ALLRAD in Bad Kissingen. 

As mentioned in their own words “We where impressed by the overall concept of Bliss Mobil. The units are very robust and sturdy. We also liked the fact that we could always put the unit on another truck if necessary. We finally got the space we needed for our motorbike and bicycles. And we also really liked the ambiance of the interior that Bliss offers. “

Extra storage space and comfort

This 20ft Standard Bliss is equipped with many additional storage accessories but also with some luxurious functionality to give extra comfort in the unit.

High on the list was the outdoor kitchen since they too love to cook outdoors. The 20ft Standard Bliss comes with a quad garage space. The customers wanted this garage to be made suitable for 1 motorcycle and 2 bicycles. Above the spare tires a large storage box has been mounted on the upper twistlocks of the unit.

For safety and comfort a passage/hatch between the truck and unit was installed.

The interior accessories consist of a foldable table, buffalo leather upholstered couch set, a medicine cabinet installed at the toilet and additional storage in the toilet area and bedroom area.

Ready for a new way of travel

After having their training at Bliss, they are now ready for their off-road adventures. First, they are planning a trip through Scandinavia to get the feeling with their truck and unit. Thier future travel wishes will take them to Africa, North-America, Mongolia and many other places. We of Bliss wish them many great off-road adventures to come!

Published: 04-06-2019