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Legendary and historical territory in Russia and Mongolia


We are happy to share another great adventure done by Bliss Mobil customers recently.

Our customers from Germany went on a 5-month journey in their 20ft Standard Bliss on a MAN TGS 6x6, through Latvia, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria and finally Germany.

They prepared and travelled as individuals as they felt confident in completing this trip on their own, after they had joined the Bliss Mobil Expedition in Morocco last year. There where many reasons for them to go on this journey. One was to see the Scandinavian and Siberian natural beauty with their own eyes, in particular; Lake Baikal which is a dream destination for many travelers. But they also wanted to experience the legendary Russia by visiting places that had an important historical meaning to them.

During their journey through Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan they where amazed with how friendly and helpful everyone was to them. Being truck loving people the locals admired the grand appearance and inside luxury of the truck in combination with the Bliss unit. A “fully functional house on wheels” is what they often heard after they invited them inside the unit.

Since many locals where so kind to them many invitations to have a drink in the unit where given out. This resulted in countless priceless pictures and new friendships! At some point during their journey they were stopped over 30 times by local police, not because anything was wrong, but just because they wanted to see the inside and outside of their expedition vehicle.

Before starting their long journey one of their main concerns was to maintain hygienic standards along the way. This proved to be no issue as the Bliss unit was always able to provide clean and filtered water throughout their whole journey. The height of the truck in combination with the strong windows, door and 360 degrees camera in their unit gave them a very secure feeling. The floor heating also proved to be not only comfortable, but also functional as it kept the temperature at a constant level throughout the day. Only during some extremely cold nights, the additional diesel heater of the unit was required.

Looking back on their 5-months adventure they now have a totally different view on the people and way of life in Russia and Mongolia in particular. The people are amazing and heartwarming. The remote sceneries they travelled through were deeply impressive and gave them the Blissful traveling feeling of becoming part of nature. As mentioned by them “The land outside the big cities belongs to everyone, the animals and people live in harmony together and we felt safe and welcome everywhere we went”.

Published: 11-04-2019