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Delivery 15’ Standard on Zetros quite special


Bliss Mobil’s latest delivery is a 15 foot Standard unit with interesting new options. A crane placed on the truck’s rooftop can lower the spare tire from the roof rack. On the rear the motorbike carrier is extend to a Quad carrier, together with a storage box which is also mounted on the carrier. The first Zetros 1833 4x4 with a Bliss Mobil unit is ready to take on some great and cold adventures.


Independent concept triggered

An article in a magazine about the Bliss Mobil concept triggered the customer: “I was very interested in the possibility of being able to separate the truck and unit. All other expedition vehicles have the truck and unit attached, but the Bliss Mobil unit is independent. So in the future you could make changes in truck or unit without having to sell your complete vehicle.”


15' strong Standard 15' strong Standard 15' Standard quite special 15' Standard quite special Storage box and quad carrier Storage box and quad carrier Quad on motor lift Quad on motor lift Leather upholstery Leather upholstery High-end interior High-end interior Freedom by solar Freedom by solar 15' ready for cold adventures 15' ready for cold adventures Published: 04-08-2017

The truck is a Zetros 4 x 4. “My wife fell in love with a truck with ‘a nose’, so a Zetros it was”, the customer laughs. “It’s the big brother of an Unimog, the small brother of the 6 x 6.”


Proven concept by serial production

The proven concept convinced the customer: “What is really important to me, is that the Bliss Mobil units are produced in a serial way. You get something that has been constructed before. It is a proven concept and with that a secure concept.” Besides this, he is really pleased with the assistance and training Bliss Mobil provides: “I like the idea that when I need assistance, wherever I am, Bliss Mobil can help. The training is also really extensive. You really get to know your unit.”


Customization within the standard

A good standard, customized to the client’s needs. This 15 foot unit is the first who has a Quad carrier and storage box on the back. Security being an important factor the truck has a spare tire on its roof. With a custom made crane, also a first. “I found that quite a necessity with the weight of a tire”, the customer exclaims. 


Back to base

A lot of customizations where done by the client himself. “It was great to have the possibility to get back to the base”, the customer grins. He made his own hi-fi system, produced carbon hi-fi loudspeakers. The interior of the truck was also upgraded with leather applications. “You spend a lot of time in the truck itself, so I think it is important that it is comfortable”, the customer explains.

Furthermore the customer added two winches, one on the front and one on the back, new bead lock rims and mounted an additional tank. Customization within the standard.


Arctic package

The vehicle is ready to face the cold with Bliss’ additional Arctic package. “We are more drawn to the cold regions: Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska. The arctic package with heated rubbers makes you feel secure. It gives you the guarantee that your expedition vehicle can handle the extreme cold.” Traveling up north in Europe they hope to see the Northern lights and who knows Santa ;). Bliss Mobil ensures them an independent, safe and secure winter journey.