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Bliss delivers new 20 foot Standard unit


The latest addition to the Bliss family: A MAN TGS 26.540 truck with a Bliss’ 20 foot Standard unit. The new owners dreamed about distant travel destinations like China. Always having a RV Bliss took their dreams to the next level. “We want to do world traveling well.”

New 20 foot on MAN New 20 foot on MAN Side 20 foot standard Side 20 foot standard On the road On the road Automated lift ATV platform Automated lift ATV platform Leather upholstery Leather upholstery Kitchen Kitchen Published: 04-05-2017

Stood out

“When we saw a Bliss unit for the first time, we knew a standard RV wouldn’t do anymore. Bliss stood out for us because of the steel frame, which gives the unit full protection in case of an accident. The standardisation and proven functionality gave us the security that we feel ensured and fully supported. Bliss outstands in the market for us in terms of well engineering and quality management. The energy concept with Li-Ion batteries is based on experienced knownledge. Bliss is a solid and healthy company."


Fast delivery

Also important: the fast delivery time. "We didn't want to wait for 2 years, as our age is counting, and we wished to travel summer 2017." They were not the ordinary student drivers. “Being 70 and female, the instructors were amazed and impressed. It really was easy and a lot of fun to learn how to drive a truck.”


Fully electric

The well thought out concept and luxury amazed the new owners. The fact that Bliss is fully electric and thus needs no gas gives the owners a reassured piece of mind. The concept of personalization within the standard gave them the possibility to give a personal touch by numerous accessories.


They look forward to travel the world. Special side-note: not only by themselves. “We travel no more than 4 months a year, which is a bit of a pity when having a Bliss Mobil”, the owner says. So they want their four adult children to use and enjoy the Bliss experience as well. For now Europe awaits, Morocco later this year, then China next year.