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Abenteuer & Allrad here we come!


Bliss Mobil is on the road to the Abenteuer and Allrad expo in Germany. We will bring no more than 6 expedition trucks with us to the world’s biggest cross-country expo in Bad Kissingen.


Come take a look

There will be five trucks at display and one in the field showing you what Bliss Mobil is capable of in rough terrain. Come take a look at our:


  • Mercedes Zetros with 20 foot Standard
  • Steyr Doka with 15 foot High Bed
  • Mercedes Actros with 20 foot Standard
  • Unimog U4000 with 13 foot High Bed
  • MAN Doka with 15 foot Standard
  • Unimog U5023 with 13 foot with Standard (proven ground)


Watch our Unimog U5023 with 13 foot Standard go loose in the off-road park. And see for yourself why Bliss Mobil has the know-how to and experience for the ultimate off-road adventure.


Hope to see you end of the week, June 15-18, in Germany!

Published: 13-06-2017