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20’ Standard ready to explore the world


The latest Bliss Mobil 20 foot Standard unit on a Zetros 6 x 6 is made for a travel company who wants to organize motorized overland adventures. The optional water maker, arctic package, GPS iridium tracker and storage box on the back make it no problem for this client to travel independently for a long time.


Personal contact

The new owner had a good feeling about Bliss from the start: “The first time I send an email, I received a quick response. From that moment on communication with Bliss was good and personal. When I was invited to come view their product, I was really impressed by how the production process is set up and the quality of engineering. Being an engineer myself, although in a different field, I value a well-engineered product.

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Passionate about travel and motors the owner wants to organize motorized adventures from 3-6 months all over the world with his expedition truck. The Know How-to of Bliss helped him to decide which truck and unit where best to follow his dreams. “Bliss gave me advice which truck and unit were best not only combined but also which were the best for the kind of travel I want to do. I really want to go on adventures, not city trips”, he explains. The 20 foot Standard Bliss Mobil unit on a Zetros 6 x 6 is the result.


The self-sufficiency of a Bliss Mobil unit is ideal when travelling for a longer period of time. “Autonomy is of the upmost importance during these long trips”, the owner tells, “When travelling for 3 to 6 months you want your vehicle to be able to be self-sufficient. Solar power being the main source of energy of the Bliss Mobil unit makes this possible. Guaranteeing your safety.”

Also guaranteed is fresh, clean drinking water. A necessity when travelling to remote places. The optional water maker is able to convert water from natural resources, such as lakes and rivers, into safe drinking water.


Extra rubber coating

Looking for adventure, the client plans to do a lot of traveling off-road. Bliss Mobil sprayed a rubber coat on the underside of the expedition vehicle to providing extra protection against rock chips, salt and sand. “Not a bad thing when on the road in North Africa”, the owner says. Colder climates are taking into account as well with the arctic package.

The 20 foot unit is also provided with a GPS Iridium tracker and satellite ensuring connection even when in the most remote places. “It’s a safety thing”, the owner explains, “When you organize and take trips to remote places you want to be able to give your GPS location. You want to be able to stay in touch with civilization”.



The new owner is also impressed and pleased with the comfortable, high-end quality interior of the Bliss Mobil unit. “Traveling for a longer amount of time some luxury and comfort doesn’t come amiss as well”, he laughs.

The Bliss Mobil unit is equipped with a fixed full-size comfortable double bed, a six-person U-shaped buffalo leather couch which can be converted into a double bed and has a complete top of the line kitchen with a steam oven mounted in the large cabinet and a kitchen set for 6 people. And when the weather is nice, the outdoor kitchen will ensure you can enjoy the weather even when cooking.

Going away for a longer period of time, some extra storage space comes in handy as well. The 20 foot Standard unit has an aluminum storage box on the rear twist locks.


For now Scandinavia awaits and Morocco later this year. After that the Silk route, South-America. With Bliss it will be a true independent adventure.