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The third Bliss Mobil in Australia


Working & Living on the road

From the start it was clear that Steve and Genelle were committed to structure their future life around their new expedition vehicle. Genelle explains: “Looking into the future I see us travelling around the globe, while making a living in the meantime. Eventually this will become our home, not our motorhome.”


The 13ft unit with our standard layout provides the opportunity to divide the living area into 2 separate spaces. Locking the shower door halfway will result in a closed off sleeping quarters and a general living/working area. This is desirable if your travel companion has a different sleeping rhythm, or if one falls ill whilst on the road. If you look at your Bliss Mobil as your future home this can be a reason to prefer the standard layout over the High Bed models. Another reason for the new owners to decide on the standard layout is the storage area under the bed. All their camping, hiking, recovery and mountain bike gear fit in easily.


Vehicle and finishing touch

In order to travel to all the wonderful and remote places on their bucket list, Bliss Mobil managed to equip the Unimog with 525L of diesel, safely stored in 2 impact resistant HDPE tanks. Their mountain bikes and a spare tire are being carried by the Bliss Mobil motorbike rack. Which still has room left for a small motor bike.

To finish the setup Bliss Mobil mounted one of their modular roof racks to the truck cabin and a set storage boxes to the sub frame. The left rear storage box houses a 1200x500mm outdoor workbench as well as a Griddle and induction cooktop. All the tools you need for outdoor cooking, well except for a cold beer then!


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Published: 27-11-2017