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Unique cooperation Bliss Mobil and Mission to Heal


We proudly announce the strategic agreement between Bliss Mobil and Mission to Heal (USA) for the build of a two-module mobile Medical Surgical Unit (MSU).


Mission to Heal is a nonprofit global medical missions agency that heals underserved people and trains local practitioners in the most remote and needy areas of the world. The Mission to Heal medical teams travel to where medical need is great and where medical help is under-resourced or non-existent, in order to bring medical help to the “bottom billion” of the world. 


Mission to Heal (M2H) made the choice for Bliss Mobil based on the unique features of the proven technical concept of Bliss Mobil.


Integrity of the construction, fit for the extremes

Each unit has the dimensions of a 20 foot ISO shipping container, making it easy to handle all over the world. As such, it can be transported by truck, train, plane, or boat, providing wide-ranging access to virtually any environments.

Without the difficulties and expense of building permanent structures and the complexities of ownership in problematic areas, it can be set up as a semi-permanent installation or moved as needed. It can travel to virtually any otherwise inaccessible location with displaced persons and move on when circumstances change.


Reliability enables independent operation.

All Bliss Mobil units provide systems which have redundancy for critical systems like energy, water and conditioned air. Every aspect is well-calculated and tested, from weight and balance to sophisticated energy management devices and smart solutions for the optimal use of resources, like reuse of water.


This new project shows the potential of the Bliss Mobil concept and offers a great new challenge to prove this concept for new applications where independence is a prerequisite.

We are proud to support organizations like Mission to Heal with its goal to better reach the “bottom billion”.

The first MSU will be operational June 2018, transect in Africa.

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Published: 31-01-2018