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Unique & Truly Different
Bliss Mobil expedition vehicles are totally different from any other expedition vehicles on the market. This is the result of the strict criteria adhered to during the development of the Bliss Mobil concept.


Our Unique Features:

1. Steel frame
2. All-in-one box
3. Unique energy concept

4. Detachable & easy to ship

5. Luxury with smart systems

6. In-time delivery & 2yr warranty

7. Support & online customer portal

The Company

Based in Breda, the Netherlands, Bliss Mobil BV was founded in 2012. Bliss Mobil BV is an innovative and technology driven company, inspired by a wealth of personal travelling adventures and experiences. Our goal from the start was to construct expedition vehicles differently, more efficiently and for a reasonable price. To achieve this, we have developed innovative, totally self-contained units for different target groups and varying budgets, but all with the same passion for independent global travelling.





Bliss Mobil brochure 2019


Steel Frame Steel Frame

1. Steel Frame

Analysis of the structural requirements of the Bliss Mobil body as a complete system, instead of a collection of individual components, has resulted in an extremely robust design unparalleled in the expedition vehicle market.

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All in one box All in one box

2. All-in-one Box

The body, plus all its essential functions, has been designed like a container; therefore all functions are safely secured and stored inside the box.

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Solar Panels on roof Solar Panels on roof

3. Unique Energy Concept

Every Bliss Mobil unit is equipped with high quality monocrystalline solar panels which charge the powerful Lithium-ion batteries.

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Bliss body handled by container crane Bliss body handled by container crane

4. Detachable & Easy to Ship

The self-supporting unit is equipped with twist lock castings at each of the four corners. In this way the Bliss unit can be easily removed from or placed on to almost every container truck, train, ship or plane.

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Domotics UI on tablet Domotics UI on tablet

5. Luxury with Smart Systems

Every Bliss Mobil unit is fitted with high quality equipment to guarantee your safety and comfort. Although safety comes first all our units also supply a lot of 'functional' luxury as standard.

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Small series production Small series production

6. In-time Delivery & 2yr Warranty

We produce our units on a small series basis (rather than individually) using our own in-house standardized concept, this enables us to minimise construction time and reduce costs substantially.

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Customer portal Customer portal

7. Support & Online Customer Portal

Our support & service team is dedicated to helping you fully enjoy and make correct use of your Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle beginning with an extensive 2-day training course on the day of delivery. All customer support & service goes through our Customer Portal.

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