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3. Unique Energy Concept

Every Bliss Mobil unit is equipped with high quality powerful monocrystalline solar panels. They have a combined maximum output of 1.9 kW per hour, generating more than enough power for daily use. Independence while travelling begins with running all the appliances on electricity. Quiet and clean solar energy is the cornerstone of every Bliss Mobil unit.


The set of solar panels generate 800 up to 1900 watt, depending on the number of panels on the roof. A smart solar controller ensures a maximum wattage output, in order to fully capitalise on the energy supply of the solar panels.



Bliss Mobil ensures reliable operation based on solar energy, backed up by the truck's alternator. Both the solar panels and the truck's alternator charge the Lithium-ion batteries; powerfully, reliably and efficiently. Every Bliss Mobil unit is equipped with 1 or 2 packs (8 cells each) of lithium-ion batteries to store large amounts of power. Each battery pack aggregates a battery capacity of 400Ah (11 kWh).

A double battery pack comes standard in the 20, 18 and 15 foot standard models and puts 800 Ah (20 kWh) at your disposal.


The unique characteristic of the lithium-ion batteries means that they can be discharged up to 85% and as such an overwhelming amount of power is available. A Battery Management System (BMS) and various protection mechanisms are installed to ensure easy, safe and durable operation of the batteries.