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The Bliss Mobil 11 foot unit offers unprecedented strength and durability. The foundation of the unit consists of a carefully engineered, robust, self-supporting steel container frame. The dimensions of the 11 foot allows shipping as an independent unit as well as possibilites of storage in a 20 foot container or - together with the truck- in a 40 foot container for shipping purposes.

Weighing just around 2 tons, the vehicle can be placed anywhere you wish using simple support blocks or the lift jacks which can be provided as an option. The frame is designed to ensure maximal strength for the vehicle, even in the most extreme conditions. The 60 mm sandwich walls ensure high quality insulation in the most extreme climates.

Frame 11 foot high bed Frame 11 foot high bed


Analysis of the structural requirements of the Bliss Mobil unit as a complete system, instead of a collection of individual components, has resulted in an extremely robust design unparalleled in the expedition vehicle market.

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Insulation and thermal bridges Insulation and thermal bridges

Insulation and thermal bridges

The entire unit is thermal bridge free, despite the fact that a steel frame has been used. All thermal bridges throughout the interior of the vehicle are insulated using aerogel and finished with polyester trimming.

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Stairs Stairs


An in-house developed feature of the "all-in-one box" concept is the aluminum jet-like retractable stairscase. Safely secured to the steel frame, the robust folding stairs offer a comfortable and safe entrance.

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Technical/storage area 11 foot standard Technical/storage area 11 foot standard

Storage space

Despite its compact dimensions, the 11 foot model features quite some storage space inside. To store bigger items or to take more with you we engineered some accessoiries that make it possible to significantly increase the amount of storage space.

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Lowered roof Lowered roof

Lowered roof

The roof panel of the Bliss Mobil unit is placed slightly lower than the steel beams of the container frame.

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