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Connection box

To facilitate easy outside operations all units are equipped with a connection box. The connection box is the central location from which all relevant outside operations can be performed. These operations can broadly be divided into 2 categories: Water and Electricity. From the connection box the freshwater tank can be filled and the wastewater tanks can be emptied for example. The 2 integrated pressure gauges provide information about the water intake and outlet system. Also taking an outside shower is possible by using the water outlet. Electrical operations include grid charging the batteries and using the 12V and 230V power outlets.

Connection box Connection box Glass fiber reinforced polyester Glass fiber reinforced polyester Connection box details Connection box details

The custom made thermal bridge free connection box housing is made of glass fiber reinforced polyester. A solid stainless steel hinge and gas spring ensure durable operation. For convenient and safe operation the connection box is equipped with a soft backlight, as well as a bight flood light which is mounted on the hatch providing enough light for outside activities. Furthermore, the housing is equipped with 2 waterproof speakers.