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Natural ventilation

The 11 foot standard model has three windows (820x500 mm). Two roof hatches (2x 650x250 mm) enable excellent natural ventilation. The 11 foot high bed model also features three windows but has one roofhatch (640 x 390 mm).


The windows can be opened to any position. Stale air can flow upwards easily without being blocked by the windows. Ventilation during rain showers and safety at night is also possible due to the secure locking in the outer position of the frame.

2 roof hatches and 2 solar operated inlet fans 2 roof hatches and 2 solar operated inlet fans Natural ventilation Natural ventilation

Successive insulation chambers inside the frame provide maximise heat insulation. The windows and roofhatches are double glazed with a special thermal coating and a gas-filled airspace is in place to minimise heat loss. Integrated aluminium-coated roller blinds keep radiant energy out.


In addition to the windows and roof hatches two solar operated permanently activated inlet fans ensure the flow of fresh air throughout the Bliss Mobil's interior.