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Safety comes first, immediately followed by comfort. The 11 foot Bliss Mobil is suitable for travel in extreme conditions and is equipped with several smart features to guarantee your comfort at all times. The right temperature is very important to feel comfortable. The powerful air conditioning keeps the interior cool in hot climates.


The comfortable floorheating combined with the diesel air heater keeps you comfortably warm and eliminates moisture. The diesel heater is powerful and very efficient on fuel.


The warm indirect LED lighting, reading lights, coffee machine and bamboo interior will make you feel at home.

Direct and indirect led lighting Direct and indirect led lighting Comfortable bathroom Comfortable bathroom Floor heating and indirect lighting Floor heating and indirect lighting

When locking the shower door in the 90 degree position the interior is divided into two separate areas. It creates a comfortable, private and safe sleeping area separated from the living area. (In the high bed version the bathroom is sperated from the combined sleeping/living area).


The fact you can check the status of almost all the function of your Bliss Mobil when you are not around will make you feel reassured. When a 3G/4G data connection is installed you are able to monitor and control functionalities in your Bliss Mobil remotely, such as the battery status, tempratures and the footage of the (optional) 360° camera system from anywhere in the world. A unique Bliss Mobil feature!