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Matching vehicles 11 foot

The Bliss Mobil 11 foot body will fit any vehicle that can carry a platform of 3250 mm. The net weight of the 11ft body is approximately 2000 kg's. The total gross load is around 3500 kg's, including the filled water tanks (225kg) and the motorbike lift (optional).

Matching vehicles Matching vehicles

Specific, national regulations can be in place for the maximum distance the body may extend the rear axle, defined as the so-called "overhang of the platform". This overhang is often calculated as a percentage of the wheelbase. For reasons of safety and driving comfort Bliss Mobil calculates this distance based on a maximum of 60% of the wheelbase, also taking the positioning of the cabin into account. Any 4WD or 2 axle vehicles with a wheelbase of 3250 mm can safely carry the 11 foot body.