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Easy repairs

All technical areas have been made readily and easily accessible via inspection hatches, allowing repairs and replacements to be undertaken quickly.


In the standard model the technical area is located in the garage and is also accessible from the inside via a hatch in underneath the bed. In the high bed model the technical area is reachable trough smaller side hatches and from the inside via easy removable panels.

Bed hatch 13 foot high bed model Bed hatch 13 foot high bed model Standard model technical area Standard model technical area

Centrally located and easy to access are the grey and black water tanks with autodrains, the hot water boiler and the diesel heater, as well as the plumbing and water filtration facilities.

An instruction manual with step-by-step checks will guide you through several problem solving procedures. As a result of standardisation, spare parts and replacements are kept in stock and can be sent by carrier worldwide.