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Water consumption

In order to be able to interpret the size of the tanks it is good to know some water consumption figures. When calculating these numbers you will soon discover the Bliss Mobil has sufficient tank volume to last several people for several days without the direct need for filling up with fresh water.


The grey water tank is large enough to store waste water from the kitchen and shower for several days. Also the black water tank is large enough to store the waste from the toilet for multiple days. In this way there is no need to worry about when and where to dump your waste water too often.

Water consumption Water consumption
Aprrox. (daily) water consumption (2 persons):  
Shower  40 - 60 L
Dishes        10 L
Cooking         5  L
Drinking water         4  L
Flushing the toilet         4  L
Total        73 L


Tanks capacity 13 foot high bed  
Fresh water:     460 L
Grey water: 

150 L

Black water:  90 L
Hot water (boiler): 16 L (75°)