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Smart characteristics

There are many components, parts and characteristics that make each Bliss Mobil a smart vehicle. Please investigate these examples and explorer the benefits of the Bliss concept.


Steel frame & twist lock corner casting:

Every Bliss Mobil unit is detachable, has a self-supporting steel frame and has twistlock corner casting for easy transport.



Importantly the stairs never touch the ground. Because the vehicle has no fixed earth connection, this is an essential safety feature in case lightning strikes the vehicle.


Lowered roof:

Furthermore the advantage of the lowered roof is that it protects the solar panels which are situated slightly below the steel beams, hence they are protected against damage from overhanging trees or during shipping.

No gas:
The electric induction cooker eliminates dependecy on potentially dangerous gas bottles. On top of this, there is no open flame, reducing the chance of fire.

Threefold heating system:
Electric floorheating, a powerful diesel heater and the reverse cycle heating option of the air conditioning provide a heating system with multiple back-up options.



Smart example: connectionbox Smart example: connectionbox

Connection box:
In the connection box all relevant switches and connections for filling/dumping and charging are located at one central location, which is ideal for your outside operations.


Shuttered outlet fans:
To prevent insects, sand or dust from passing through one of the seven exhaust canals, the automatic outlet fans are fitted with dust filters and shutters. These shutters will only open when in operation thus preventing dust, sand or insects from entering the unit.

Solar operated inlet/outlet fans:
Permanently activated inlet fans, ensure a flow of fresh air throughout the vehicle's interior, thus avoiding the build-up of undesirable odours. Furthermore these fans are in place to regulate the humidity.


GSM / Iridium tracker:
Tracking your vehicle via GSM network or Iridium satellite network enables you to remotely check the location of your Bliss Mobil.

Truck connection:
Being able to charge the unit batteries via the truck's alternator but also start the truck with the unit batteries in case of emergency.

Emergency battery:
In the very unlikely event of total power loss a optional emergency battery can be switched on. This emergency battery has enough power to give you light for multple hours and/or power a certain part of the electrical circuit.