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The interior consists of several areas, for example: seating, cooking, toilet/shower, sleeping and storing. The technical infrastructure is fixed but choices are possible. We are able to slightly vary the size of some areas. This way the concept enables you to choose from different models within the same unit size, according to your personal preferences.

The interior can be further personalized by choosing from several interior finishes, couch fabric and flooring of your choice. The standardisation of the design and infrastructure allows us to optimise requirements and specifications as well as minimise construction time and significantly limit costs. That’s why we guarantee a fixed price on each model.

Floorplan 18 foot standard Floorplan 18 foot standard

18 foot standard

The 18 foot standard unit is equipped with a fixed full size double bed, a six-person U-shaped couch, fully equipped kitchen, separate toilet & shower and internal storage space.

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18 ft long bed floor plan 18 ft long bed floor plan

18 foot long bed

Compared to the 18 foot standard the longbed unit has a slightly shorter kitchen which makes space for a larger bed (positioned in lenght) with a bigger garage underneath that fits a quad bike. 

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