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MAN KAT1 8x8 / 6x6

MAN KAT trucks are designed as military off-road truck for extreme conditions. All KAT series trucks (8x8, 6x6 and 4x4) share a modular design. They have a torsionally rigid box-section frame with highly mobile axles linked to the frame via coil springs. The engine is mounted inside the forward-control cab, which is separated into a driver and engine compartment by a firewall. As a distinctive feature, the engine is located to the rear of the driver compartment instead of beneath it. This way, the total height could be kept below 2.9 m, which means the trucks can be transported on standard railway flatcars.


Engine: 12.8 L diesel 8 cyl.
Power:                256 - 320 hp
Max rpm: 2650
Top speed: + 90 km/h (55 mph)