Container concept

Analysis of the structural requirements of the Bliss Mobil body as a complete integrated system rather than a collection of individual components, has resulted in an extremely robust design unparalleled in the expedition vehicle market. The principle of using a rigid frame has been implemented by the military for over 50 years.

These military shelters with steel or aluminum frames are used around the globe under the most demanding conditions. Our initial calculations showed that only an integrated structural frame can successfully withstand all the forces encountered when travelling off-road for a longer period of time.

Vehicle independence

By introducing six body sizes ranging from 11 to 20 foot in length, there is a suitable model for virtually every truck.


Transporting an expedition vehicle around the world can be a challenging and costly operation if it’s possible at all. The self-supporting body is equipped with corner castings at the 4 corners. This allows easy transport by virtually every container truck, train, vessel or even plane.

Torsion free subframe

Bliss Mobil engineers its own subframes specifically designed for the truck of your choice. The subframe provides a torsion-free connection between the body and the truck chassis.

Containerised body

The robust construction also offers maximum protection in the unlikely event of either an accident or the truck tipping over. As a result of extensive calculations and simulations in the engineering phase, an optimal balance of weight and strength has been achieved.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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