Abundance of water

Independent travelling to remote areas involves securing the first necessity of life: water. One can never count on the availability of an adequate and reliable water supply, either in quantity or in quality. Shortage of water, or poor water quality, will limit your comfort and can even be life threatening.

All Bliss Mobil models are equipped with a smart water system with an abundance of clean drinking water and several unique features. This starts with filtration systems to guarantee the safety and quality of water.

In addition, much attention is paid to simple regular maintenance thus safeguarding the easy accessibility of the essential components within the water system. Unique features include the optional compact and powerful water purifier. This feature offers travelers a virtual water capacity of thousands of litres of high quality potable water.

Water infrastructure

The water infrastructure is reliable and robust, with back-up facilities for easy switchover in case of malfunctioning.

Water from natural sources

As an option, we supply a state of the art water filtration system (Osmosis filters). With this water maker, you can convert water from natural resources – such as lakes and rivers – into safe drinking water.

Safe operations

There is a pressure regulator installed on the water fill which prevents overpressure on the water system when filling the freshwater tank.

Reliable filtration system

In order to ensure the quality of the water supply, several filtration systems are integrated into the water system.

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