Safe operations

There is a pressure regulator installed on the water fill which prevents overpressure on the water system when filling the freshwater tank. Two installed manometers are visible in the connection box, displaying the pressure in the filling circuit and internal pressurized cold water circuit.

Furthermore, the system is equipped with strategically placed leakage sensors. These sensors are connected to the smart home system. In the unlikely case of a leak, the smart home system will automatically shut down relevant pumps and valves to prevent damage. By relaying the location of the leak on the tablet, fast and easy repairs can be facilitated.

Overfilling the tanks is prevented by electronic valves controlled by the smart home system which closes them automatically based on feedback from the tank sensors.

All water tanks are placed inside the vehicle and are therefore frost protected. Anti-Frost heating under the tanks, operated by the smart home system, is standard in all Bliss Mobil models.

The Waterplate is specially designed to ensure all filters and pumps are in one compact space. By using gas spring assisted sliders, the whole Waterplate can slide upwards, making it easily accessible for repairs, replacements and maintenance.

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