Battery Management System

To ensure the batteries’ reliability and durability, a reliable Battery Management System (BMS) comes standard with each battery pack. This means that if two battery packs are installed, the BMS’s will function completely independently.

The BMS is responsible for monitoring the voltage of the individual cells. It makes sure the voltage of the cells is equalised if needed, prolonging the lifespan of the battery pack as a whole. Besides this, it is also an important contributor to the under/overvoltage protection mechanisms which are in place to prevent deep discharging or overcharging. Parallel to the BMS, independently functioning components are also able to intervene in the case of an under/overvoltage event, creating a protection system on multiple layers.

The BMS can be easily monitored, diagnosed or (re-)configured by connecting the BMS control unit to your laptop or computer. The BMS is also capable of displaying the real-time status of the system, the voltage of independent cells and the relevant historical data including power consumption, cell voltage and cell temperature on your tablet via a Bluetooth connection.

To further facilitate easy system monitoring and diagnosis remotely, each body is equipped with infrastructure that allows real-time core data of the system and its components to be uploaded to an online monitoring platform using a 3G/4G data connection. Optionally, the system voltage can be monitored through an Iridium satellite connection.

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