Energy efficiency

In addition to our strong and reliable energy generation and storage concepts, it is also essential to engineer and equip each unit with components which contribute to being as energy efficient as possible.

It starts with the construction of the body itself, where 60mm insulated wall panels make the body suitable for extreme climates and reduce day-to-day energy consumption for heating and cooling. All models are thermal-bridge free, due to additional insulation being applied inside where necessary. Fans with automatic shutters prevent the inflow off outside air.

Roof ventilators make sure fresh air is circulated throughout the body. This ventilation system is equipped with its own solar-based energy circuit and therefore doesn’t rely on the batteries.

All temperature sensitive areas, such as the battery and inverter compartments or the compartments of the freezer and fridge, have their own temperature sensors. These temperature sensors are part of the extensive smart home system.

The sensors provide temperature feedback to exhaust ventilators which are automatically activated when surpassing the pre-defined threshold. This temperature controlled operation ensures the safe and energy efficient operation of temperature sensitive equipment.

Temperature controlled operation is just one example of the smart home system contributing to energy efficient operation. Another example of this is time-based operation such as the time scheduled operation of the boiler, where the 230V Inverter is automatically (de)activated based on the selected time slot, preventing excessive idle consumption of the Inverter.

It goes without saying that all lights in every Bliss Mobil are LED and therefore low in energy consumption.

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