We are engineers by origin and by heart.  When Bliss Mobil was founded in 2012, the first investments were made in the development and engineering of the Bliss Mobil concept.

The 20 foot unit was built and engineered on the computer, using the latest 3D-engineering software, before we started building our first prototype; a 20 foot flagship, in 2014.

Workfloor Process Automation

As a result of workflow automation throughout the entire manufacturing process, our mechanics can also check and verify the 3D model and consult other sources of information directly from their workstations.

Standardised Production Process

Our production philosophy is driven by the engineered standardised concept. Our product development engineers complete a 3D model for every project. This includes all purchase parts as well as the internal production parts; it also includes the necessary technical specifications for producing parts in-house, using our two CNC milling machines.

Engineered Quality and Bliss Mobil Warranty

Through the engineered and standardised concept of both our products and our manufacturing processes, we can guarantee efficient manufacturing and high quality products.

3D Development & Engineering

Every single part and component has been engineered in 3D, taking weight and balance, dynamic forces and energy optimisation into account.

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