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Our Community consists of over 250 proud Bliss Mobil owners, all with the same passion and traveling DNA. As a Bliss owner, your desire for world traveling adventures sets you apart as an adventurer in the making. Overland Travel and Bliss Mobil collaborate to guide both experienced and inexperienced travelers in transforming their dreams into tangible plans. Together, we challenge you to venture off the beaten track, fostering the development of off-road and overlanding skills. Our Bliss Owners expeditions, drawing in a diverse mix of global travelers, provide fellowship, discovery, and the chance to enhance your ‘overlanding’ skills. Whether you’re exploring independently or alongside your fellow travelers , each journey promises both self-discovery and shared joy. Bliss Mobil, in partnership with Overland Travel, boasts a successful track record.

Over the last years Bliss Owner expeditions took place in Africa, including Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Tanzania. We traveled through the beauty of Norway, Sweden and Lapland to finally reach the North Cape. Recurring journeys in recent years have been the captivating landscapes of Iceland and Morocco.

Looking ahead to 2024, a group of Bliss Mobil owners is set to embark on a new adventure, discovering the beauty of South America. The journey will commence in French Guiana, crossing the Amazon towards Peru, and continue southward through Chile, Patagonia and Argentina, culminating in the southernmost tip at Ushuaia.

For upcoming adventures and a detailed agenda, please check out our schedule. Join us, as proud Bliss Mobil Owner on these remarkable journeys, where the spirit of exploration converges with the unparalleled comfort of your Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle, experience the joy of traveling alongside fellow Bliss enthusiasts and refining your overland skills through dedicated training.

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