Extreme weather conditions

Bliss Mobil units are engineered to travel to the most extreme and hostile areas. This means that a Bliss Mobil will prove its worth at temperatures varying from as low as -30°C to as high as +50°C (-22°F to 122°F).

With over eighty Bliss Mobil models driving around globally, we can proudly and confidently say that these numbers are backed up by empirical and practical evidence. With a sharp focus on quality insulation, we have perfected the sandwich wall panels and used the best double glazed windows and hatches available. All the thermal bridges have been eliminated by additional insulating profiles.

For interior temperature management, we have multiple efficient systems controlling the climate inside your Bliss Mobil. With three means of heating in every model we have made sure that there is a redundancy in this area as well. To make sure the heating system is operational under any conditions, there are two electrically powered heating systems and one diesel powered heating system.

Additionally, next to the standard powerful air conditioning system, it is possible to install an additional smaller air conditioning unit which is perfect for the night hours.

The “Arctic Package” is an accessory that is extremely useful for those who are planning to stay in the extreme cold for a prolonged amount of time. Heated rubbers, drains and door locks are all included in the “Arctic Package”. The truck alternator functions as a power generation source. The average alternator on a modern truck will easily supply approximately 70A on 24V (depending on the vehicle), due to smart regulation of the connector device; this is a set and forget system. By running the engine at idle speed, the batteries can be charged sufficiently and quickly.

In case of failing truck batteries, the truck can be started on the Lithium-Ion batteries of the Bliss Mobil unit. Big thunderstorms and lightning are serious threats in open areas. The unique folding staircase offers a comfortable and safe entrance and avoids ground connection, should lightning strike your expedition vehicle. This is just one of the many examples that back the bold claim that a Bliss Mobil is the ideal all-rounder for the most extreme of conditions.

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