Leaving the beaten track: Off road capabilities

Bliss Mobil units are strong due to the construction of the steel or aluminium frame. This is the most solid construction of any off-road capable mobile unit. As a result of extensive calculations and simulations in the engineering phase, an optimal balance of weight and strength has been achieved.

The centre of gravity has been placed at the optimal position: positioned low and slightly in front of the middle of the unit. Due to this pre-calculated centre of gravity, excellent driving characteristics are guaranteed. The importance of a carefully calculated center of gravity is often underestimated. When driving off road the weight distribution determines the driveability of the vehicle.

One of the major benefits of the ‘all-in-one box’ concept is that none of the components are located outside the perimeters of the unit. The unit is of a “straight forward” dimension, meaning there are no parts lower than the unit itself.

Maximum ground clearance has therefore been achieved, which results in excellent off-road capabilities. This qualification is indispensable for heavy terrain.

That being said, the subframe, which is often underestimated, is on par with the steel or aluminium frames of the units. The Bliss Mobil torsion free subframe makes the whole combination flexible, which is what you need whilst driving off-road. This defines the overall behaviour of the truck on and off the road. The truck chassis is designed to flex and bend in extreme off-road situations while the unit needs to be rigid and stable to prevent damage. If you do not have a suitable subframe, best case scenario the truck will constantly lift its wheels whilst driving over dunes and hills. In the worst case, the torsion forces might be too strong for the construction, causing damage to your truck and unit. Bliss Mobil has designed a four-point “diamond shape” construction, with three axles; 2 longitudinal and 1 transverse.

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